Barrett's Bucks

Barrett’s Bucks are a great option if you'd like to support the farm, but a vegetable CSA share is too many vegetables for you! Here's how it works: you buy Barrett’s Bucks credit before the season, and then use it throughout the season to purchase whatever you like in the farm stand (including items that we buy in from other local farms like eggs and mushrooms). Each time you come to the farm store, you shop as a retail customer would, but instead of paying in cash, your purchase is deducted from your credit. Preseason investment in the farm is really important to the health of the business, so as a thank-you, members who sign up for Barrett’s Bucks early will receive a bonus credit.

Choose the amount of your Barrett's Bucks credit (Minimum is $250). Pay in full by March 15th, 2017 and receive 10% bonus credit.

2018 Barrett's Bucks must be used by the end of the season on October 27th, 2018 - funds cannot be carried into the next season. Questions? Email Melissa at or call 978.254.5609.


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