Melissa Maxwell has been growing organic vegetables commercially since 2004.  After college she started her first farm job at the Community Farm of Ann Arbor and decided that farming was the career for her. She moved back to the East coast and spent 8 years honing her farming and management skills at Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA, a 24-acre vegetable farm. As a co-owner of Barrett's Mill Farm she is now living her dream of owning a small farm business in a community that is enthusiastic about local agriculture. When Melissa is not in the fields she is swimming in the ocean or on a winter travel adventure.


Lise Holdorf grew up in Concord and is thrilled to now be a small business owner and farmer in her hometown. After attending college and serving in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria, Lise returned to Massachusetts and began her farming career in 2006. Having worked for several years as a manager at Appleton Farms CSA in Ipswich, MA, she moved back to Concord in 2014 to start Barrett's Mill Farm with Melissa. When she's not busy playing with tractors Lise enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, cooking with farm veggies, hiking in the White Mountains and reading.