Settling in at the farm

Melissa seeds onions in the greenhouse
We moved onto the McGrath Farmstead on Saturday! After months of planning, we were eager to literally get our hands dirty, so on Monday we jumped right into seeding our first transplants in the greenhouse. Thanks to our friends Noah and Sophie at Alprilla Farm we had some potting soil to get us started, and thanks to Lise's dad David, brother Jon and father-in-law Jack, we had some brand new racks ready to hold our seedlings. We now have about 50 trays seeded with leeks, onions, scallions, parsley, lettuce and fennel. For now, we are bringing 5 gallon buckets from the house to water our seedling trays, but as soon as things warm up a little we'll be able to turn on the outdoor spigot and hook up a hose and watering wand. Hopefully by next Monday we'll see some shoots popping up adding a little greenery to the scenery!

Thanks to the neighbors who have stopped by or emailed us in the past week. We're really excited to be a part of the community and to get this beautiful land back into vegetable production.