It is hard for us to believe we moved onto the farm just two and half months ago! In that short time the farm has become our home and passion. Time on the farm feels expanded not only because it feels like home, but because the nature of farm work means that our big projects and concerns change each week as the season evolves. Worries we had three weeks ago seem far in the rearview mirror today. We recently planted peppers, tomatoes and eggplant while appreciating, but not thinking much about, the weeks before spent plowing, disking, and laying fertilizer in preparation. Farming is like a puzzle: the things we need to get done are the puzzle pieces, and we have to find the right order and timing that make the farm as a whole work. We have some anticipated needs, such as the number of trays to seed in the greenhouse to fill a bed of cucumbers, but other factors such as the weather and pests are less predictable. Among other projects this week, we chose to hoe and weed carrots, spinach, lettuce, and scallions, plow and disk the remaining acre we will plant this year, seed fall crops in the greenhouse, and transplant lettuce, celeriac, husk cherries, tomatillos, and more. There are always decisions to be made. Do we get those perennial flowers planted so that we and our customers can all enjoy them next spring, or work on something that is more urgent in the short term, like weeding beets? Fortunately this week we were able to do both!