Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you to the volunteers from the Boston Area Gleaners who came out to the the farm today to harvest the remainder of our carrots to donate to families in need for Thanksgiving. The Gleaners harvest surplus crops from local farms throughout the season to donate to hunger relief organizations around Boston. They had set a goal of gleaning 10 tons of produce in 10 days for Thanksgiving, which they achieved today (their 9th day)! Nice work!

The past month we've mainly been occupied with putting the farm to bed for the season. The deer fences are down, the strawberries are covered, soil samples have been taken, the cooler has been cleaned out and harvest bins have been scrubbed one last time and put into storage in the greenhouse. We've also had some office time in which we've gotten to catch up on bookkeeping, write our budget for next year, and even begin ordering supplies for next year like our potting soil. In December we're planning to begin one of our biggest winter projects: our crop plan and seed order for next season.

In the meantime, though, we're looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday and sharing with our families the squash, potatoes and a few other farm veggies we set aside to store for the winter. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!