A friends and family farm

Our family members are not farmers but Barrett’s Mill Farm is already becoming a family (and friends!) farm. Our parents, brothers and friends have shown up in support, rolling up their sleeves and jumping into farm projects. Friday was a great example. The morning began with preparations for planting, and just as we were ready to begin, Lise’s mom arrived to help transplant lettuce, chard, and beets. In the afternoon, Lise’s husband grabbed a shovel and went to work along side us covering our newly planted seedlings to protect them from cold, animals and pests. Melissa’s mom stopped by in the early evening to drop off a car full of bulb crates, which are a great way to store and display produce. Meanwhile, throughout the day we communicated with our friend Ben (a Concord native!) who was designing a logo for the farm. And what day would be complete without a phone call to Charlie, our enthusiastic tractor and equipment advisor?

In addition to our support network that has followed us here to Concord, we talk daily with our new neighbors and read our mail from those we have not yet met. The family and friends of Barrett's Mill Farm continues to grow daily. Thanks to you all, the farm is off to a great start!