Time to pick up the pace

With the onset of some warmer weather, the pace is really picking up in the fields at Barrett's Mill Farm! Our sugar snap peas and beets started popping up over the weekend. Today we seeded a second round of carrots in the field, as well as our first outdoor seeding of spinach and our first (and only) seeding of parsnips. We've also started moving some of our seedlings out of the greenhouse to harden off before planting in the ground. By the end of the week we're hoping to transplant napa cabbage, scallions, fennel, spinach and kohlrabi.

We've also had a flurry of activity around the farm with deliveries arriving left and right. Yesterday we had our organic fertilizer delivery and Hollis Hill Farm came to spread lime on our western field. (Most vegetable plants have a hard time taking up nutrients from the soil if the pH is too acidic, so the lime helps to balance that out.) Today our cover crop seed arrived, and within the next week we are expecting our seed potatoes, strawberry plants and our tractor and implements!

Spreading lime to raise the pH