A Welcome Sight

Hutchins Farm just gave us the best neighborhood welcome gift we could ask for, a plowed field! I’m not sure we can convey just how wide our smiles were when we saw the first furrow on the McGrath farmland Wednesday. It feels exciting and new, and at the same time connected to the past, a point in the season we and other farmers have experienced many times before. The excitement for us this year comes not only from the mark of the beginning of another farm season (always something to celebrate) but from the many people who have pulled together to help us get a quick start including the Hutchins farmers prepping our first field while we finish up our tractor search, neighbors who have offered their welcome and support, and others who have brought by tools, signed up for our CSA, and dropped by to lend a hand. How could we follow all of this? By seeding peas, carrots and beets of course!!