Our second week on the farm!

Lettuce seedlings
Though at first glance the fields still appear to be in winter mode, we are in full springtime mode here at the farm. We were greeted Monday morning by the first lettuce, onion and leek seedlings emerging in the greenhouse. Wednesday we headed out to the fields with our broadcast seeder to cover our first 4 acres in cover crop. We planted organic red clover in our western-most field to suppress weeds, fix nitrogen, and prevent erosion while we plant vegetables in other areas this year. Wednesday night we left the greenhouse watering in Lise’s mom's capable hands and set out for central Pennsylvania to look at used tractors and equipment. We drove many tractors from the late 70’s and early 80’s, and examined used implements we had scouted online before arriving. We found two older implements that were exactly what we were looking for and a few promising leads on tractors. At the end of the day we got back in the car, put our dance mix on the radio, and mulled over the many important equipment decisions before us. We were happy to be back on the farm Friday morning seeding fennel and flowers in the greenhouse surrounded by many more trays of sprouting plants!

Lise seeds medium red clover in the fields