Salad fixings are here!


This past Tuesday was noteworthy not only because it brought some much needed rain, but we also harvested some of our first salad greens of the season! Cut lettuce mix was available in the store on Tuesday, and for Thursday we plan to harvest arugula, red Russian kale and French breakfast radishes as well! Saturday we may even see an appearance from head lettuce. We'll also still have asparagus, rhubarb and Pete and Jen's eggs.

The store is still self-serve this week and probably next week as well, so unless you happen to catch one of us around the store, we unfortunately won't be able to make change for purchases. If, like me, you often don't have exact change on hand, think about joining our Barrett's Bucks program! Barrett's Bucks members buy farm stand credit early on in the season, and then each time you shop at the store, your purchase is deducted from your credit. It makes your shopping trips easy - no cash is necessary.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you again once the store is fully staffed in June!