This week in the store


We'll have basil plants available for sale in the store on Tuesday. The variety is called Genovese Compact, and it is better suited to containers than regular Genovese basil. It will flourish if you transplant it into a larger pot at home, but will also do just fine in your garden!

We'll continue to have asparagus this week. We sold out early on Saturday, as the cooler temperatures on Friday led to lower yields. However, with the hotter weather forecasted this week, we should have more to go around  (a little rain would be welcome too!). This week, you can also try our asparagus at 80 Thoreau for their annual Asparagus Menu.

In addition to basil plants and asparagus, we'll have rhubarb, lettuce, Salanova lettuce mix, arugula and radishes in the farm stand. The arugula this week has some small holes in it due to flea beetle damage, but it still tastes delicious! Also, the radishes this week are less mild than last week's, but I think it's just the right amount of spice. We will hopefully have red Russian kale again by Saturday.